Problem: I can't do my homework because the teachers don't like me, they are mean and give us to much homework.

Solution: Set aside homework time, no TV, no radio, no distractions of any type. Don't immediately blame the teacher, most likely you're child just hasn't taken the time to do their homework. If setting aside homework time does not work, call the teacher and see if there is a possible solution to your child working with extra attention from the teacher. Believe me, teachers do not have the time or energy to pick on your child. Remember, the teacher needs to be in control of the class room, not your child.

When my son was in kindergarten , his teacher told me that if I promised to believe only half of what my kid told me about her she would only believe half of what he told her about me. Think about that.

Problem: That kid made me hit him.

Solution: You tell your child that it was his decision to hit and that it is unacceptable to hit anyone. There should be set consequences for bad behaviors. If your child is not taught this early on, they will not have happy relationships with adult friends or spouse and could pay a high price for expressing themselves this way.

Problem: My friend dared me to steal the "candy, toy,etc..".

Solution: Have your child return the item to the owner with apology. There should also be a set consequence. Even if the item was not expensive, it's still is stealing.

Raising kids is not easy. We need to pay attention to what they are upto and who they are hanging around. I am not an expert, but a parent who has learned alot the hard way.

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